Past product.

Algo-Logic is partnered with IBM to support Coherent Accelerator Processor Interface (CAPI) applications on the POWER8 and support open software interfaces as a member of the OpenPOWER Foundation.

Algo-Logic's CAPI enabled Order Book performs all feed processing and book building in logic inside a single Stratix V FPGA on the Nallatech P385 card. The system enables software to directly receive order book snapshots in the coherent shared memory with the least possible latency. The low latency Order Book is designed using the on-chip memory for customer book sizes with many thousands of open orders, up to 24 symbols, and reporting of six L-2 book levels. For use cases where millions of open orders and full market depth need to be tracked, the scalable CAPI enabled Order Book is still implemented with a single FPGA but stores data in off-chip memory.

Endorsement by Gordon MacKean (Sr. Director at Google and OpenPOWER Chairman): Watch Gordon's presentation here.

"Algo-Logic has a CAPI-enabled order book solution that runs on an FPGA-accelerated card integrated with the IBM POWER8 coherent shared memory. The solution has extremely low latency and virtually no jitter, which is really critical in High Frequency Trading."

Product brief

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