Connected cities leverage technology to help you save time, make your life easier, and to keep the community safer. Algo-Logic is helping connect cities to achieve these goals through our high-performance real-time data processing systems.

Algo-Logic is a recognized leader in developing innovative, flexible solutions that provide ultra-low latency along with high performance to financial trading. This focus was leveraged to connect sensors embedded in physical devices to an in-memory, cloud based Key Value Store (KVS) that integrates real-time data from smart poles, traffic lights, electric vehicle chargers and a large number of other sensors.

Analysis of this real-time data enables decisions to be made instantly. Dashboards then provide visualization of the data so that telecommunication carriers, emergency responders and utility operators can respond quickly to protect lives and maintain operation of critical infrastructure.

Algo-Logic’s Connected City solution is comprised of three interrelated segments:

  • Real Time Data Acquisition
    • The Black Diamond Industrial (BDI) system collects real time data from sensors, processes the data using a programmable System on Chip and streams live data to the Algo-KVS cloud via WiFi, 5G and Ethernet.
    • Smart Locks and access control allow utility operators to secure their infrastructure and control access to critical modules in smart poles.
    • Power monitoring and EV charging control allows smart poles to efficiently distribute power over the grid.
  • Algo-KVS Cloud
    • Algo-Logic’s low latency network-attached, Key Value Store data base accelerator shares data in real-time. The KVS shares data using meaningful object names and the values are transmitted over high-speed Ethernet links.
  • Dashboards display live data
    • Sensor data streams to web browser-based dashboards
    • A top-down view of the city shows live heat maps of activity
    • A three-dimensional rendering engine provides immersive views of the city
    • Analytic dashboards perform many value-add services including driver assist

Use Cases in Connected City

  • Interactive Modeling of the physical city using virtual 3D world
  • Top-down, live view of the city indicating potential problem areas
  • Interactive Assisted Driving to help drivers avoid accidents and traffic congestion
  • Views of real-time and historical sensor data

  • Real-time threat detection and automatic dispatch of first responders
  • Traffic management and parking management to aid drivers and driverless cars to avoid congestion and to find parking spaces
  • Helping electrical car drivers save time and money by directing them to the closest, available electric vehicle charger

Product brief

Algo-Logic Systems has a decade of experience in infrastructure monitoring and live data acquisition, our products are deployed worldwide across the US, Europe and Asia.

Our Algo-KVS hosted cloud solution monitors airport towers, buildings, landmarks, bridges, dams, wind towers and power plants continuously allowing customers 24/7 access to live data as well as historical data.

Algo-Logic's energy solutions applies these technologies to manage electric power generation, storage, and loads in buildings and connected communities.

You can watch us drive around a virtual connected city showing our real-time data streaming and processing capabilities: