Key-Value Store Demonstration at Intel Developer Forum

Recently at the Intel Developer Forum 2016 (IDF) in San Francisco, Algo-Logic Systems was at booth no. 722 demonstrating the capabilities of our hardware accelerated, in-memory Key-Value Store (KVS) running on the Intel® Xeon® + FPGA server fed by data collected by our Black Diamond (a robust, real-time measurement and monitoring system).

The sensor fusion data was collected by an accelerometer, strain gauge, temperature gauge, and weight scale via our Black Diamond and processed by two 150 million IOPs Key-Value Stores – one running on the Intel® Xeon® + FPGA, one on the Nallatech P385 with Stratix V discrete card. We observed how machine-to-machine real-time data can be efficiently collected, analyzed, and shared between network-attached devices in the cloud with sub-microsecond latency for industrial use-cases such as RTB for Ad Tech, trading, asset monitoring, telecommunications, and NoSQL database acceleration. Check out the topology of the Black Diamond feeding the Key-Value Store, and the resulting candlestick charts. By accelerating cloud infrastructure with programmable logic, network operators can save significant time and compute energy while increasing the throughput of data processing.We're excited to build additional compelling datacenter acceleration and IoT applications for Intel®'s next generation servers.

View John's interview at the Intel Developer Forum by Olga Media where he describes our Key-Value Store demonstration.

Please email us at for more information about our Key-Value Store and Black Diamond that collects, stores, processes, and visualizes live streaming data using logic running in the Intel® Xeon® + FPGA system.

We hope to see you next year at Intel Developer Forum 2017!