Algo-Logic's KVS Provides Real-time Data for Analytics from Drone Sensors

Algo-Logic Systems exhibited at the Supercomputing (SC16) conference in Salt Lake City from Nov. 13-18. Algo-Logic showcased the capabilities of our hardware accelerated, in-memory Key-Value Store (KVS) running on Nallatech's P385 fed by data collected by our Black Diamond (a robust, real-time measurement and monitoring system). View a video of our SC16 demonstration here!

There has been a huge change in the world: Sensor networks are now being used for hard real-time data, and new systems need to operate on live data, not stored data from archives. While embedded processors were useful for non-real time data, they don't work well with tight jitter bounds. Because processors serialize execution, they become backlogged when there is burst of data to process. Systems that operate on stale data will struggle to implement solutions that need real-time data, such as control loops for flight control. Algo-Logic has a solution for sharing real-time data over a network: We implemented a KVS in FPGAs. The FPGA systems uses parallel logic blocks instead of CPU cycles to offload processing of network packets, retrieve data form memory, and send a response over Ethernet.

For Algo-Logic's demonstration at SC16, our Key-Value Store collected data from a strain gauge, temperature gauge, and a tri-axis accelerometer attached to a drone (pictured to the left). We fused data with the KVS, analyzed it, and shared it between network-attached devices in the cloud with sub-microsecond latency. Our Key-Value Store was connected to SCinet via 10G Ethernet at SC16, allowing other supercomputers to access the real-time sensor data from the drone.

Although this demonstration of the KVS was for industrial use-cases, there are many other applications that see a benefit from real-time data such as Real-Time-Bidding (RTB) for Ad Tech, order books for online trading, asset monitoring, network monitoring and control for telecommunications, and NoSQL database acceleration.

Intel's acquisition of Altera for $16.7 billion speaks volumes—FPGAs are the future of real-time processing. Algo-Logic has already built multiple gateware IP cores and integrated them into systems for customers that use them for real-time processing. Algo-Logic's ultra low latency trading systems and pre-trade risk checks, for example, are deployed worldwide.

Please email us at for more information about our low latency Key-Value Store that collects, processes, and visualizes live streaming data.

We hope to see you next year at Supercomputing 2017!