Algo-Logic Systems Applies Gateware Defined Networking to Accelerate Real Time Bidding in Ad Tech Industry at the OpenPOWER Summit 2016

Algo-Logic Systems, a recognized leader in providing hardware-accelerated, deterministic, real-time, ultra-low-latency solutions for datacenter industries, will be sharing insight on how real-time bidding in Advertising Technology (Ad Tech) systems can benefit from low latency trading technologies used in financial markets. The Real Time Bidding (RTB) protocol serves hundreds of billions of ads daily on about 100 demand-side platforms (DSPs), moving hundreds of Terabytes (TB) of data back and forth through ad exchanges to serve ad impressions. Dr. John Lockwood, CEO of Algo-Logic Systems is presenting on April 6: “Moving Ad Exchanges from Main Street to Wall Street” at the upcoming OpenPOWER Foundation (OPF) Summit 2016 at the GPU Technology Conference (GTC) at the San Jose Convention Center from April 5-8, 2016.

Presentation: “Moving Ad Exchanges from Main Street to Wall Street”
Today’s Advertising Technology requires time to parse a bid request, look up relevant data about a user, evaluate an opportunity, decide on the value, and then bid a price to serve an impression. Due to the overhead of RTB, advertisers only get one chance to bid their Cost Per Impression (CPI).

Tremendous improvements can be achieved by applying Gateware Defined Networking® (GDN) technology to these issues in a similar way as it is applied to financial markets. Technologies already used in financial markets provide excellent transparency and price discovery that can be applied to RTB.

By monitoring live market data feeds and constructing an order book with Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) logic, multiple auctions can be performed with sub-microsecond latency. Algo-Logic’s Gateware Defined Networking® CAPI Enabled Order Book can be applied to Real-Time Bidding for a new and improved Ad Tech exchange. The Order Book efficiently tracks all open orders and offloads sorting to FPGA hardware in order to sustain high volumes of traffic. As a result, the market is fair, the exchange provides ample liquidity, and transactions can be profitable for all participants.

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