Algo-Logic builds accelerated trading solutions that have the lowest delay and time variation bounds possible. We have a rich library of pre-built infrastructure that helps minimize time to market. By implementing order processing algorithms in FPGA hardware, sub-microsecond (µs) processing delays with only nanoseconds (ns) of time variation is achieved, which is impossible to obtain in software. Algo-Logic offers finance protocol parsing libraries with support for FIX, OUCH, XPRS, ArcaDirect, BOE, and LSE.

Key Benefits

  • The lowest latency possible is achieved by parsing in FPGA hardware.
  • Deterministic performance eliminates order processing time variations.
  • UDP/IP-based control and monitoring interface makes operation of the hardware easy from graphical and command line interfaces.
  • TCP/IP-based order processing implemented directly in FPGA hardware.
  • Line rate processing at 10 Gigabits/second.