The Black Diamond (BD) system is a high performance, intelligent Real-Time Data Acquisition System. It collects real-time data from a wide range of sources including analog sensors and network attached devices. Using logic in a Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) embedded within a System-on-Chip (SoC), BD captures and streams data to the Algo-KVS Cloud for real-time processing and to the Algo-Central Cloud for historical archiving and trend analysis.

The BD has three form factors that allow it to be used for industrial, mobile, and datacenter applications. Connectivity is not a problem, because it supports wired Gigabit Ethernet and wireless b/g/n WiFi and can be expanded to support 5G.

BD utilizes algorithms in logic to deterministically collect, filter, precision time-stamp, and archive data


  • Real-time monitoring of critical sensor data
  • Data collection for connected cities
  • Energy monitoring, load balancing, and cost/price management
  • Risk and failure analysis
  • Manufacturing process control
  • Oil and gas exploration / mining research
  • Continuous structural monitoring
  • Monitor of control fluid properties, material mechanical properties, and pressure, temperature, stress, strain, voltage and current

Key Benefits

  • Black Diamond System:
    • Records data from up to 15 precisely synchronized data acquisition channels
    • Certified to collects data from a wide range of sensor types
    • Operates without a fan for use in cleanrooms and outdoors/on-site locations
    • Runs from DC, AC, battery, or solar power
    • Accelerates algorithms in FPGA hardware
    • Provides precision timestamp with GPS accuracy
    • Provides real-time access to data from your PC, tablet, or smart phone

    Product brief