Contract Inquiry

Current Opportunities:

  • Role: Multiplayer Game App Developer


We are seeking an individual or small team to develop to implement a functional prototype of a multi-player online game that makes extensive use of real-time shared game state and interactive display. The specifics of the gameplay will be largely left for the game designer to decide and may build upon previous work. However, the gameplay must emphasize real-time shared state and interaction between players. This is a map-based, location-centric application.

The final deliverable will be be a functional prototype of gameplay and does not need non-gameplay related functions like user accounts, administrative features, welcome/splash screens, built-in help, or player settings menus. The implementation does not require scalability, resiliency, or automated fail-over mechanisms of production-quality games. Design and implementation decisions should generally favor the most detailed shared real-time interactive experience possible. The game should implement a demo mode that does not require user input to show the gameplay.

The game clients must run in a browser (Mozilla and/or Chrome) on Linux, Mac, and Windows, and the game server (if one is required) must run on Linux. Building upon web game engines and other 3rd party frameworks is welcome. The implementation must store shared game state in a key-value store (i.e.: MongoDB, Redis, etc.) that is accessed directly by game clients and the game server.


  • Game client that runs in Chrome and/or Firefox browsers on Mac, Windows, and Linux
  • Game server (if needed) written in any combination of C/C++, JavaScript (Node.js), or Python
  • Source code, build and configuration files, images, sounds, scripts, and other files required to build, install, and execute the entire project
  • Automated tests and feature exercisers to demonstrate the functionality of the game without user interaction

Required Skills:

  • One or more key-value stores: MongoDB, Redis, etc.
  • Multiplayer game design and implementation
  • Game design art
  • Correctness and stress testing

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