Algo-Logic Systems’ Ultra-Low-Latency (ULL) Exact Match Search Engine (EMSE) IP is latency-optimized key-value lookup system for accelerated finance applications. Algo-Logic’s EMSE core has the unique ability to maintain constant lookup time through an advanced table balancing algorithm input instead of a variable lookup delays due common with trees and/or hash probing algorithms.

The EMSE stores a value along with each entry/key whereas a typical lookup engine requires an additional memory lookup after a match address has been found. Therefore, value is returned along with the match without an extra memory lookup, thus reducing latency.

EMSE can be used either as a stand-alone FPGA IP using the hardware command interface or with an API so that data can be shared between software and logic on FPGA.

Features and Benefits

  • Supports following commands in logic and software
    • Insert {Key, Value}
    • Value = Search {Key}
    • Modify {Key, Value}
    • Delete {Key}
  • Parameterizable field and table sizes
    • Key sizes between 80 to 640 bits
    • Value sizes in increments of 8 bits
    • Number of entries
  • Support for larger on-chip tables
    • Large tables can be stored using UltraRAM in Xilinx UltraScale+ device family
  • Sharing data between logic and software
    • Hardware interface enables issuing commands from FPGA logic
    • C++ software API enables issuing commands from software
  • Core tracks usage statistics

Product brief