Low Latency Q and A

While the debate on whether to leverage FPGAs versus travel the Intel CPU roadmap for cutting-edge performance continues, there seems to be a common view that developing for FPGAs can be challenging. Looking to overcome that challenge is Algo-Logic Systems, with pre-built functionality for automated trading functions. Low-Latency.com spoke to the company's founder and CEO John Lockwood to find out more on its mission and products.

Q: How did Algo-Logic Systems get started and what is its mission?

A: Algo-Logic Systems was founded in 2009. The core competency of the company, as the name implies, is to put algorithms into logic. Specifically, the company builds networked applications that run in Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) devices.

Q: The market for ultra-low-latency offerings is quite limited - fewer firms are engaging in the latency arms race - so how is Algo-Logic going to grow?

A: There is indeed a latency arms race in the finance industry with a goal to achieve zero latency. Luckily, there is no end to reaching absolute zero - it can never be achieved. But every few years, we can provide another order of magnitude lower latency by optimising our algorithms and using even faster FPGA devices. Therefore, we are confident that Algo-Logic Systems is well positioned to continue to grow as the recognised leader in the 'Accelerated Financial Industry' to deliver new FPGA applications, products, and solutions with the shortest time-to-market.

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