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Ultra Low Latency Networking with FPGAs

With reference designs for trading on the Intel PAC D5005, learn how to trade with sub-microsecond latency using Field Programmable Gate Arrays with algorithms in logic. Algo-Logic's Gateware Defined Networking cores provide an Ultra-Low-Latency (ULL) MAC and TCP/IP networking stack on a Stratix 10 FPGA. Reference designs can be used to perform Pre-Trade Risk Checks (PTRCs) and Tick-to-Trade (T2T) with sub-microsecond latency.

Presented at the Intel FPGA Technology Day (IFTD) on Nov 18, 2020

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FPGA Tick-to-Trade at Trading Show 2020

Update on Algo-Logic's Field Programmable Gate Array trading products as presented at the Trading Show by John Lockwood on Sept 17, 2020.

Includes overview of the the CME Tick-to-Trade system on the V5P, Pre-Trade Risk Checks on the new PAC D5005, HLS triggers, and support for the new iLink 3 on CME.

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Algo-Logic at Hot Interconnects 2020

At the IEEE Hot Interconnects 2020 conference, Algo-Logic presents a quick update on their new reference design with Algo-Logic's Ultra Low Latency (ULL) MAC and TCP/IP endpoint running on the Intel PAC D5005 card in a HPE DL380 G10 server as well as provide an overview of the Key Value Store (KVS) running an Xilinx ALVEO U50 card in a Dell PowerEdge 1U server.

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Half-Billion IOPs of object store in a 1U Dell Server running REDIS

Algo-Logic Systems, Xilinx, Dell, and CCIntegration team up to deliver 490M IOPs with Key Value Store in a 1U Dell Server

SAN JOSE, California., May 12, 2020 (RedisConf 2020) - Algo-Logic Systems, Inc., a recognized leader of Gateware Defined Networking (GDN) accelerated applications, products, and solutions has teamed with Dell, Xilinx, and CCIntegration to demonstrate the capability to deliver a Half-Billion IOPs in a 1U server at the RedisConf 2020 today.

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Algo-Logic's Real-time Energy Management System in FPGA Logic

Algo-Logic demonstrates a solution for managing real-time electrical energy flows in a power grid using a Key Value Store (KVS) implemented entirely in logic on an ALVEO card, an FPGA-accelerated data acquisition system, an analytics framework for solving energy equations, and dashboards for visualizing energy in a connected city. The system highlights the use of Algo-Logic's IP cores and describes other system-level solutions that Algo-Logic provides for trading futures and ensuring compliance with ultra-low latency and deterministic jitter.

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Low-Latency Key-Value Store on Intel Blog

Algo-Logic was featured in an article on Intel's website tiled "Low-latency key-value store resides in FPGA SRAM, delivers data in a deterministic 500nsec"

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Algo-Logic Systems Delivers Ultra-Low-Latency Pre-Trade Risk Check (PTRC) Solution Powered by Xilinx

Algo-Logic Systems Inc., delivers an industry leading Pre-Trade Risk Check (PTRC) solution to verify Security and Exchange Commission Rule 15c3-5 compliance. The Algo-Logic PTRC accelerated system delivers compliance with sub-microsecond latency that is consistently lower than software-based systems.

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Exablaze and Algo-Logic partner to deliver ultra-low latency trading solutions

Exablaze, has today announced its partnership with Algo-Logic Systems Inc., the recognised leader in Gateware Defined Networking® (GDN). Both firms service financial institution clients in trading and HFT, which include investment banks and exchanges trading multiple asset classes. The two firms share expertise in delivering advanced, ultra-low latency, deterministic solutions to financial markets and clients will quickly benefit from this partnership, with Exablaze hardware devices running Algo-Logic’s Gateware.

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Algo-Logic is in "Top 10 of Algo Trading Solution Providers-2019"

Algo-Logic Systems is in "Top 10 of Algo Trading Solution Providers"

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Algo-Logic Systems: "Time is money"

The timescales for automated trading have changed. Decades ago, human market makers that traded in a few seconds were effective. But, over the years automated trading systems were forced to migrate to FPGA based systems delivering sub-microsecond latency just to remain competitive. John Lockwood discusses how Algo-Logic designs and delivers the FPGA-accelerated systems trading firms need to remain competitive.

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