Algo-Logic at Hot Interconnects 2020

At the IEEE Hot Interconnects 2020 conference, Algo-Logic presents a quick update on their new reference design with Algo-Logic's Ultra Low Latency (ULL) MAC and TCP/IP endpoint running on the Intel PAC D5005 card in a HPE DL380 G10 server as well as provide an overview of the Key Value Store (KVS) running an Xilinx ALVEO U50 card in a Dell PowerEdge 1U server. The reference design allows customers to write their own applications using High Level Synthesis (HLS) and interface them directly to Ethernet using Algo-Logic's ULL MAC and TCP with sub-microsecond latency. The KVS connects logic directly to high-speed Ethernet ports to provide network-attached clients with 490M I/O operations per second (IOPs) of network-attached object storage.