Algo-Logic Systems’ FPGA accelerated Tick-To-Trade (T2T) System is a sub-180 nanosecond trading solution.
Support for all CME Group exchanges including CBOT, COMEX, Nasdaq, and NYMEX.
Also support for EUREX and CBOE
Pre-built IP cores that significantly reduce time-to-market and provide flexibility for customizations
Parameterized triggers for mass quote cancel
Mass action request and fast arbitrage as well as the ability to modify order fields in FPGA logic
Integrates with existing Order Management Systems (OMS) through C++ Application Programing Interfaces (APIs)
ArQ C++ Library and API:
Low latency C++ 98 compatible APIs are used to set up triggers and preload orders to be injected
Well defined API to pass trigger parameters between hardware and software
Control Software includes:
Device parameter configuration (e.g., IP and MAC addresses) and status monitoring
Event notifications

FPGA-Accelerated Trading
Quote Cancellation
Ultra-low-latency mass quote cancellation by product, instrument group or each instrument
On Fill Trigger
Instantly reacts to market data or order fill, whichever comes first, to trigger response order(s)
Turbo Spreading
Auto-reload enables multiple hedges and quotes to be sent using pre-loaded order
Allows trading on multiple instruments with simultaneous multi-leg strategies
Supports hardware trading strategies in logic
HLS Triggers
High-level synthesis allows customers to implement custom triggers to support their proprietary strategies
Allows trigger inputs from Market Data, Customer generated parameters, Top of Book, and incremental updates

Product brief