Algo-Logic is partnered with Nallatech to support their P385 and P385A FPGA accelerator cards featuring Altera Stratix-V and Arria-10. The P385 card supports the Altera OpenCL SDK and can be populated with an A7 or D5 Altera Stratix V FPGA. It is coupled to 8 GBytes of DDR3 SDRAM setup as 2 independent banks.

The Nallatech P385A low profile accelerator card provides a powerful PCI-Express computing and I/O platform with the Arria-10 1150 GX FPGA (with up to 1.5 TFlops). Algo-Logic's applications run on Nallatech's boards to provide a complete solution to clients across a wide range of application areas including High Performance Computing, accelerated finance, network acceleration, real-time data analytics, and more.

Available Algo-Logic Solutions

Craig Petrie, International Business Development at Nallatech, and John Lockwood, CEO at Algo-Logic Systems, discuss how Algo-Logic's FPGA accelerated Key-Value Store and other IP cores run on Nallatech's P385 and P385A cards at Supercomputing 2016. These accelerator cards are ideal for compute intensive and latency critical applications.

Algo-Logic creates IP cores called gateware for the Accelerated Finance, Datacenter, and Real-time Acquisition industries that run on Nallatech's boards to create complete solutions for clients.

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