Algo-Logic Systems' pre-built financial protocol parsers cover multiple order entry and market data protocols for different exchanges across the globe facilitating short turn-around times to build a complete solution and start trading in minimal time.

Algo-Logic's Parsers support:

  • CME MDP3 (SBE)
  • ArcaDirect (NYSE Arca)
  • Arrowhead (TSE)
  • Native Trading Gateway (LSE)
  • FIX (Financial Information eXchange)

Pre-built financial protocol parsers easily integrate with other Low Latency Library components such as the Full Order Book and TCP Endpoint to build a complete solution in very short time. The fields of interest are parsed out as soon as they become available incurring zero-delay achieving fastest theoretical latency possible.

Algo-Logic has automated the process to parse protocols, which allows rapid deployment of parsers for new markets (such as the new CME MDP3), on-going support for actively traded exchanges (such as NASDAQ ITCH and NASDAQ OUCH), and legacy support for older protocols (such as the Financial Information eXchange (FIX) protocol)