The Black Diamond Mobile (BDM) and Rackmount (BDR) systems are part of a complete real-time data monitoring solution. Connected to AlgoCentral, they execute algorithms in real-time. The BDR and BDM collect data from sensors and stream it over the network to process, mine, graph, and archive the data securely in the cloud. Both process data and graphically present results via web-based mobile hotspots, record data, and notify you when key events of interest occur. The BD systems save you time and money by keeping you focused on your core business while automatically acquiring and analyzing real-time data from your sensors.

Key Benefits

  • FPGA hardware and software customizable to fit your specific needs.
  • BDM and BDR record data from up to 16 precisely synchronized channels.
  • BDM and BDR collect data from a wide range of sensors (motion, water pressure, air pressure, power [current, voltage], temperature, etc.)
  • Self-powered from internal battery or runs from external battery, DC, AC, or solar.
  • AlgoCentral provides real time access to data from your laptop, tablet, and smart phone.

  • Black Diamond Mobile

  • From clean rooms to outdoors, the BDM collects data from sensors with high resolution and minimal noise and processes data synchronously by leveraging Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) technology.

  • Black Diamond Rackmount

  • Operating without a fan in a sealed, ruggedized enclosure, the BDR also leverages FPGA technlogy to process and collect data synchronously from sensors with high resolution and minimal noise.

  • AlgoCentral

  • Enables customers to see data collected from their BDM and BDR devices from a laptop or mobile device.

  • Accessories

  • Full line of accessories to simplify data collection in the field using multiple types of sensors.

  • 3rd Generation Black Diamond Data Acquisition System

  • The Third Generation Black Diamond Rackmount (BDR-3) is a real-time data acquisition system.