Software Developer (Web)
Algo-Logic Systems is seeking an experienced Web/UI developer to support next-generation CPU/FPGA hybrid systems for data centers, key-value stores, Internet of Things, accelerated finance, and other application domains.
Algo-Logic IP cores have been proven in real-time embedded systems and we are extending them to fulfill the needs of next-generation applications in other domains. We are seeking an experienced web developer to design, implement & support intuitive and user-friendly GUIs which provide an interface to FPGA logic on a variety of system architectures. In most cases this will be new functionality, not an incremental modernization that must maintain backward compatibility.

Job Responsibilities
Develop API libraries for user software applications to offload tasks and/or data to a FPGA accelerator
Correctness and Performance testing of FPGA/CPU interface
Working directly with customers and vendors to define and interpret requirements and specifications
Functional and performance regression testing of FPGA application logic, kernel driver, and user API library

Required Skills
Demonstrable experience with Python
Front-end work experience with HTML5, CSS, Jquery, Bootstrap etc.
Working knowledge of Python web development frameworks such as Django, Flask etc
Knowledge of REST APIs
Strong C/C++/Python programming skills
Understanding of networking stacks (Ethernet, TCP/IP, Application) Layers 1-7, UDP, multicast
Understanding of latency optimizations for programming and networking
Writing user and reference documentation

Preferred Skills
Working with reconfigurable systems based on FPGAs
Git repositories
Key-value stores (MongoDB, Redis, Memcache, etc.)