TSE2 on Tabula ABAX2P1

The TSE2 search engine running on the ABAX2P1 device performs high-speed packet classification for customized search of Ethernet, IPv4 and IPv6 packets. The TSE2 implements the search component of Access Control Lists (ACL) for use in firewalls, routers, flow controllers, VOIP management systems, L2 to L7 content matching engines, load balancers and Software-Defined Networks (SDN).

The TSE2 search engine matches header and payload data at 100 Gbps line rates with deterministic, low latency. Key performance metrics for the TSE2 are:

  • 150 million searches per second (MSPS) per core, scalable to 600 MSPS with 4 cores per device.
  • Large key-size widths of up to 640 bits (suitable for high N-tuple matching in OpenFlow).
  • Comparable to legacy CAM capacity of 120 Mb (on-chip) to 7.6 Gb (with off-chip DDR3).
  • Table sizes ranging from 512 fully associative to 12M entries of exact flow match with DDR3.
  • Table Lookup low-latency of 256 ns on-chip and 450 ns with hybrid (on-chip memory + DDR3).

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